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Movcam Helm first look – BIRTV 2018

At BIRTV in Beijing, Movcam were showing a working prototype of their Helm remote stabilized head. Helm looked to be well made, well thought out and very competitively priced.
Louis Bergogné : Seems a bit wobbly

Tilta Nucleus N – BIRTV 2018
TheTechnoPilot : OMG, thank you Tilta for switching to a more convenient motor setup, I was really concerned I wouldn't be able to use it easily on a rod setup or with my 2cm wide 3d-printed focus gears! ...and $229?! When can I pre-order this?!
Adrián Martínez : OMG, I was one year searching for an affordable and reliable wireless follow focus, and then Tilta goes with this.
Stylee Productions : Looks promising! If DJI doesn’t release their ronin s focus motor soon looks like I’ll be going tilta. Might just go with the tilta focus motor anyway because it sounds like you can use it with different setups
Andrei Luca : 229 USD ? well, that's a crazy good deal !
Rillages : I was ready to buy at $399. $229 is automatic.....consider my money spent.




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