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The ultimate BMW E92 M3 Collection!

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Michael Lee : The headlight washers are part of the BMW cold weather package option which also comes with heated seats.. you could also order the car with heated seats alone so you don't have to deal with that ugly headlight washer
Tri-Eye : You both mesh really well together. Learned a lot about my favorite M car series
TheCorrupterX : If ever you feel useless remember, it is someone's job to install turn signals on BMWs.
DDMSteveB : Great video Larry! I’ve had my E90 M3 for 5 years. It’s a forever car. It would take a lot for me to consider parting with it.
Tom Espy : I was just saying how I hoped Larry will go out and see Adam next time he came to Florida and there he is! I hope he does a video on his r34 and 911’s

First Drive of 2022 in my BMW E92 M3

I finally took the M3 out! Here is the first drive of 2022 with a few thoughts. Thanks for watching!

Email: shiftedperspectivellc@gmail.com
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Kristian Ellis : What a car. I’m an e46 man always have been and honestly not a huge fan of v8s in general but that, THAT is a peach what a noise that makes and the pickup of it is so refreshing with all this turbo’d nonsense nowadays. Bring back the NA’s
JAMA : I would consider getting a carbon plenum, it drastically increases intake noise and you get like 70-80% of your money back when you go to sell it since it's such a desirable mod.
Streamlined : Your car sounds so amazing. The e92 M3 is the hands down best sounding M3 of all time.
Importraceram Importraceam : Car is looking/sounding great as always. Which pedals do you have? I was thinking about doing some nice pedals this spring.
GBread Studios : I hadn't seen another M car in my town until a few weeks ago. 3 days after I finally got my E92 M3 I saw a F80 M4 behind me and we waved at each other when I turned at my exit. Got to take it to Pittsburgh this past weekend... for the tunnels.

Everything You Should Know Before Buying an E92 M3

I wanted to do an overview of what you should know before you purchase an E92 M3. Everything from service costs such as Rod Bearings, Throttle Actuators, Idle Control Valve and more to some of the options offered when the car was new. Transmission options DCT vs 6MT, Carbon roof vs Slicktop, interior options and more. Hope you enjoyed the video and learned something, let me know what other questions you have regarding the E92 and please provide your feedback! I'd love to film more videos that are informational, so drop your questions below!

MORE INFO - Rod Bearing Service and Throttle Actuator Replacement:
* These were my Rod Bearings after only 30,000 miles. E92 M3

* E92 M3 Throttle Actuators Replacement (Failed at 34,000 Miles)



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-Music by Ryan Little - Daybreak - https://thmatc.co/?l=D2A53FE7
-Music by Ryan Little - Body Language - https://thmatc.co/?l=69F9AB59
-Music by Ryan Little - Elevated - https://thmatc.co/?l=D6E8AAD8
-Music by Ryan Little - Lovesick. (Nomad's Heart) - https://thmatc.co/?l=DEF721EF
-Music by Ryan Little - Blue Screen - https://thmatc.co/?l=E75D4828
-Music by Ryan Little - Tell Me - https://thmatc.co/?l=E18070A9
-Music by Ryan Little - Desert Sand - https://thmatc.co/?l=8B22A8A3



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foreign whip crasher : Probably the best “everything you should know” video regarding these cars. Good job man
Thunder Chicken : Very Clean E92 my friend, it looks very OEM plus. I had a 2012 E92 Comp that I sold after three years of ownership. I absolutely loved the high revving 4 liter and the racing nature of the engine in general. It was one of my favorite cars all time and probably should have kept it. I do have a F82 M4 Comp now and I love it as well, it does sound like a shop vac compared to the E92...solid power though. I'll take delivery of my G82 M4 Comp in a few weeks we'll see how they all stack up against one another.
Waylan Y. : Good mention on the transmissions! So many people give the DCT hate as an "auto", even though it's far from a normal auto. The best way to figure out which one for you is just to drive both. I was completely set on getting a 6MT E90 until I was convinced to try the DCT. I ended up buying the DCT. It really is that good.
Yavor Kasterliev : Good and informative video! Just wanted to say that since most people replace the con. rod bearings at higher mileage than you (e.g. 50-60k) it is good to replace the engine mounts at the same time. In the general case there is no additional labour and the original ones are pretty tired by then.
DriveItRyan : So much KNOWLEDGE in this one. Really though, this is going to help a lot of people who are considering the E9x platform. Very well done man!




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